Saturday, May 21, 2011

A Telephone Call From God?

Our family has a very serious need. I do not share the details, because it betrays another’s confidence. But, I’ve been praying and fasting about it, not to hold God over a barrel in some way, but so that I might be strengthened to persevere, to have hope, and to believe for God’s answer. During the fast, which ended about a week ago, I prayed Isaiah 58:6 repeatedly, “Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen: to loose the chains of injustice and untie the cords of the yoke, to set the oppressed free and break every yoke?”

I wanted to DO something to solve this problem, but as I prayed, I kept getting scriptures that had to do with rest. It’s as if God said, “Trust me in this. Don’t act, just trust and rest.”

I’ll explain it by using a white horse as a symbol of the need. Our family needs a very special white horse. In addition, we need it to be somewhere other than the town we live in, somewhere like Bonner Springs, Kansas. We don’t know anyone there, much less anyone that owns one, and even if we did, there are so many white horses, how would we find the one animal suitable for us. It has seemed an overwhelming, impossible thing.

Here’s what happened. On Wednesday, I was outside, and when I came in there was a message on the answering machine. “Hello, this is Andrea Rain, and this message is for Jill. I received a message that you were looking for a white horse, and I have many. I’m sure that one will be suitable for you. Just give me a call. And by the way, I live in Bonner Springs, Kansas.”

No one named Jill lives at our house. It was a wrong number. But a wrong number with the message about the very thing we were looking for in the very place we wanted it to be. I played the message over and over and over, then I called Andrea and left a request that she call me. Let me reiterate that we have not shared this with anyone outside our immediate family.

When she telephoned, and I relayed my story, she was amazed. It’s as if God dialed the number for her.

The wrong number for her.

The right number for God.

The right number for us.

This horse represents one of the most critical needs our family has ever had, but we sense the God of the universe is moving on our behalf in a remarkable way. We stand in AWE.

“…are you fainting in prayer? Look up. Your blessed Advocate has already claimed your answer, and you would grieve and disappoint Him if you were to give up the conflict in the very moment when victory is on its way to meet you. He has gone in for you into the inner chamber, and already holds up your name upon the palms of His hands; and the messenger, which is to bring you your blessing, is now on his way, and the Spirit is only waiting your trust to whisper in your heart the echo of the answer from the throne, “It is done.” A. B. Simpson

Jesus, Jesus, how I trust him!

How I’ve proved him o’er and o’er!

Jesus, Jesus, precious Jesus!

O for grace to trust him more!

Louisa M.R. Stead


Alton said...

Freida here, commenting through Alton's google account: This beautiful story bolsters my faith! Thanks for sharing and know that we pray daily for the Varnados. Love you all.

Beverly Varnado said...

Oh, Freida, we love you and Alton, too. God is so amazing. I know that one of the reasons I can tell this story is because of your prayers. Thank you, thank you!!

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