Monday, November 21, 2011

Stormy Seas and Rescued Sailors

I awoke in the early morning to the explosion of waves against the shore, and I knew the storm the meteorologists predicted had moved in. Later at first light when I stepped outside, the wind blew me several steps back. The ocean that had only lapped at my feet the day before, now tossed angrily at high tide. 

“…all your waves and breakers have swept over me,” the psalmist wrote.

Sometimes, it feels as if we’re dealing with problems, as Eugene Peterson said in his translation of this verse, which threaten to “…crash and crush…” us. 

I stepped inside away from the wind, and stood for a long time studying the pitching sea. I remembered Psalm 44 that I’d been reading for several days. It ends, “Rise up and help us; redeem us because of your unfailing love.” Not because of our good deeds, or our righteousness, or our family linage, or our place in life. And certainly not because we deserve it. These are not enough, but because of YOUR goodness and love, oh God, rescue fearful, sometimes misguided sailors from stormy seas. 

How and when God chooses to rescue is often puzzling to me, but we can accept His way because we know His love. 

Today, in a rolling flood of troubles I saw God rise up for someone, stretch out his mighty hand, and roll back the tide. 




Because of His unfailing love.

I have witnessed in my life many wonderful acts of God, and today, the splendor of His presence was unmistakable.

I bear witness to the fact that God is at work and he intervenes in the affairs of his children.

If your sea is troubled, if you feel adrift, call out to Him. Pray Psalm 44. And trust His love.


Phyllis said...

Beverly, thank you for this timely word. Hope Thanksgiving is blessed for you and your family. Phyllis Kiser

max harrell said...

I love to read Psalms and I love the words of assurance that the storm will not last forever. Sometimes I feel like the title of one of Lee McNeil's songs, "I am teading water on an angry sea". It is blessed assurance to know that God is with me. I am so happy to know that God allowed you to visit up close and personal His hand on a life. He is so good. May your heart and life be as crowded with Him as your dinner table on Thanksgiving Day. Love to you and your family!

BevVarnado said...

Thank you Phyllis for stopping by. Yes, Carol, it has truly been a season for Thanksgiving here. But isn't it always the right season for thanksgiving?

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