Tuesday, June 22, 2010

God's Help

Yesterday, I signed an agreement with an independent production company to option my screenplay, “Give My Love to the Chestnut Trees.” Wow, I can’t believe I even wrote that sentence. It seems so farfetched. In fact, the more I thought about it yesterday, the idea of actually getting this script developed into a film seemed to grow more and more impossible. I thought about how hard it would be for the producer to find investors in this economy, and how difficult it would be to get the caliber of actors we’d need on a tight budget. My imagination ran to the negative. In fact I even emailed the producer that the task seemed impossible. At the end of what should have been an exciting day, I felt low.

I picked up the Upper Room devotional guide which I usually read earlier in the day, but hadn’t for some reason. I’ve been published in the Upper Room and have another devotion coming out on December 27th of this year. I love them because the devotions are translated into 49 languages and go into 100 countries. The meditations are even read on a radio broadcast that reaches into Middle Eastern countries. Okay, enough of my plug for the UR. The title of the June 21st piece grabbed me--“Impossible?” The author, Lana Vannarsdall, talked about a project to which she felt God was leading her, but it seemed impossible. She wrote about Nehemiah--how he took on the tremendous job of rebuilding the walls of Jerusalem. By God’s help he did it in 52 days. Her statement, “It isn’t the magnitude of the task; it’s the magnitude of our God that counts most,” really spoke to me. Then she asks, “What impossible task am I facing today?” I had the answer to that one. She concludes.”When God ordains a project, God provides help from beginning to end.”

When I told my husband, Jerry, this story, he simultaneously laughed and cried at this amazing “coincidence.” It was if God came in the room to soothe my fears, and say, “I’m with you every step.” So, it looks like we’re going to make a motion picture. It may not be easy or quick, but it will be by God’s help.

To read the entire devotion by Lana Vannarsdall, go to http://www.upperroom.org/devotional/ and click on June 21, 2010.

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