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One little thing, treasures, and a legacy

Years ago, I read an interview with Deen Day Sanders from which I copied down several quotes. I came across them again recently while looking for something else in one of my journals. I believe the original source was Southern Living Magazine . Her first husband, Cecil Day, was the founder of Days Inns, the story of which is fascinating and perhaps the basis for a future post. After his death, Mrs. Sanders ran the mammoth Days Inns and has since used the proceeds from the sale for good in ways only heaven knows the extent. One of the quotes has for many years served as a guidepost for me. No matter what the level of your resources are, it is a nugget of wisdom from this Godly woman. She said, “The only thing that wealth does is give you more options about what you can do. But you have to do it in service to other people, and service is where you get the value out of life. I just feel that as long as you are giving, that’s real living. I think Christ gave us a clear message to ser

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