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When it's a hodgepodge

Our Christmas tree will never show up on the front cover of a home d├ęcor magazine. It will not be featured in anyone’s Instagram stories. It is covered with a crazy array of ornaments. They commemorate baby’s first Christmas and my first book. There’s a poodle in a stocking and a bear playing soccer. A Georgia football helmet hangs alongside an Oglethorpe University boar’s head ball ornament. A riverboat from New Orleans, a pair of mittens from Asbury Grove, Massachusetts, and a set of wooden nametags turned ornaments from a camp high in the Montana mountains document a few of our travels. Construction paper angels with faces that look amazingly like the kids who grew up here are a little shopworn but still loved. Crocheted angels and snowflakes made for us by two beloved friends scatter among bells and balls and a bulldog. An ornament from my childhood and a nativity from when Jerry and I first married still grace the tree every year. It would be impossible to reproduce our tree,

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