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When you really need to take a moment

A couple of days after Thanksgiving, I slid my belongings into a bag and thought through my list of what I still needed to do before we took our long return trip home. I wondered if I had enough time to take a final bike ride along the shore before the rest of the house stirred. Bike riding is at the top of my list of favorite things to do in this world. I imagine it’s for the same reasons that people ride motorcycles, but I like the wind against my helmet at a more moderate speed, say, five miles an hour. I’ve had spills and near misses over the years, but I still go for it even when the weather is a little iffy. The practical side of me weighed in and answered my question, “No, you still have more work to do.” So, I kept zipping along. As I worked, I’d occasionally glance outside where the sun rose on the horizon. As it sometimes does, my watch binged and I checked it to see if I had a text message, but instead these words appeared, “Take a moment.” I guess my activity level

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