Friday, January 21, 2011

Sailing On

image copyright 2010 Cheryl Cook     used by permission
 Big congratulations to the five finalists in Operation First Novel. I know that no matter who wins first place, great things are ahead for each of you!

As for me, yes, it would've been nice to make it to the next tier, but being named in the top ten for Operation First Novel is something for which I’m incredibly grateful. So, I’m pressing ahead with the book deal I already have. Blessed to have won that award courtesy of Westbow Publishing and the East Metro Atlanta Christian Writers, I’m looking forward to working with Westbow in the next few months.

I read an article a couple of days ago by columnist, Sherri Goggin, a former Mrs. Georgia, now author of a popular column and recipe collection called Home Plate. She was lamenting in her article, “Rejection is a Part of Risk,” the fact that she had three rejections in one week

Her closing remarks: “If you let fear of failure or rejection keep you from trying something new, you’re guaranteed a sure thing: not getting it. So raise your sails high, expect a little rain, and be prepared for plenty of sunshine along the way.”

Timely for me to catch this article, and so poignant, because the ship metaphor is what God has long used concerning this writing journey (One Ringing Bell, "Ships, Sails, and Dream Come True Tales," 11-14-10). She’s right. Every time I enter a contest, submit to a publisher, or solicit a critique, I’m facing rejection, and many times, that’s what happens. But, often in surprising ways, God exceeds my expectations and brings round developments that had never been a blip on my radar screen—like the deal with Westbow.

And these unexpected blessings are always enough to keep me sailing on. "I press on..." Phillipians 3:14


Brenda said...

Press on, Bev ... God has brought you this far. I can't wait to read your first published novel.

Beverly Varnado said...

Thank you, Brenda, for your sweet words.


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