Monday, September 15, 2014

When you forget about rainbows

We were out of town to watch our grandson’s first football game of the season. The afternoon had been cloud covered, and storms had rolled through areas around us.

Our grandson’s team won, and after congratulations, we headed south to his school to pick him up from the bus.

As we followed our GPS instructions, I realized we were nearing a place, which held many sad memories for our family. Now, the outcome of the problem that created those sad memories has had a marvelous resolution, but I still brace myself at the remembrances.

Coming down the road, a twinkling of a rainbow appeared on the horizon. As we neared the sad remembrance place, the rainbow grew larger. A few moments later, it’s as if someone turned up the color enhancement button, and from our vantage point, the rainbow seemed to cover the city of Atlanta.

I’m driving, so all the while, I’m saying to Jerry, “Pictures, take pictures. Are you getting this? Keep snapping.” He’s pressing the button on his iphone as fast as he can go, but I’m not sure he’s really capturing what I want.

He did.


When I saw these pictures, I remembered years ago sitting in a plane taking off for a tour of England. My heart was heavy over a situation, and even though God had given me assurances, I still wondered whether God would act. But as we topped the clouds, a rainbow appeared, and in my spirit I heard, “Haven’t I been faithful to this promise?” God reminded me that he had indeed never flooded the earth again since he  set his " . . .  rainbow in the clouds”(Genesis 9:13).

As I stared at the pictures on Jerry’s iphone, I heard that same question. Yes, God has done more than I could ever have asked or thought. 
In the future, when I think of the sad remembrance place, I won't forget the rainbow. God has helped me to think of that place of heartache under the arch of His wonder and faithfulness.
If you’re facing an impossibility and despite God's assurances, you, too, wonder whether He is hearing your cries, whether He will really come through, take comfort. Say it with me: God is faithful to all his promises.


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bev. I needed this today.

Beverly Varnado said...

I'm so thankful He helps us reframe the hard places in our lives, Beth. Love to you.


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