Thursday, October 23, 2014

Revisitng Mitford

A few weeks ago, I learned author, Jan Karon, had just been in Atlanta speaking as part of her book tour for Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good.

I’ve wanted to meet her for many years and then to find I’d missed her by only days, well, it was just so disappointing.

But, then my sister calls me, and tells me she’s found a signed copy of the book for me. What an amazing gift.

Jan Karon’s return to Mitford has delighted all her fans. Delighted me. We’ve all missed  “a village delightfully out of step with contemporary America.”

I’ve written here of how Jan Karon’s writing has inspired my own. How she, at the top of her career, took time to write me.

So, I knew that I was going to write the post yesterday on the difficulty of change, especially finding rest in the midst of chaos, and I come across these words about Father Tim. “His mind was a clamor itself, a hectic marketplace with hawking on every side.”

She nailed it. Exactly how it feels sometimes. She finds a way to weave into her character’s lives the struggles that we all face, so that we don’t feel alone.

 I’m reading slowly and taking the time to savor the words. How grateful I am to be in Mitford, again. When we’re looking for fresh strength, it’s nice to revisit places, which have brought inspiration before. Because it’s likely, we’ll find renewal again.
"All my fresh springs shall be in Thee" (Psalm 87:7).


Terri Webster said...

Oh!!! I love Mitford and Father Tim. It's been son long! I had no idea I could go back to Mitford. I neeeed to go back to Mitford to unclamour the hawking going on in my own head. This calls for an Amazon search.

Beverly Varnado said...

Absolutely, Terri. I'm loving her new book.


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