Tuesday, May 19, 2015

One Ringing Bell News Update, MISSING

Just when we were about to begin posting a recap of our top posts, we had a little drama. So by popular demand, we decided to write a long over due One Ringing Bell news update.
RINGING BELL HEADQUARTERS – A shock surged through HQ Friday night when around twenty three hundred hours, Isabelle (AKA Izzer),the ragdoll, escaped. A senior staff member, who had sole duty for Ringing Bell creatures due to another staff member’s travel plans, had inadvertently left a door open.

Lucy, the Labrador, conducted a quick perimeter search but found no evidence of the cat. The lone staff member searched for hours and finally retired in the wee hours of the morning. On his rising, the renegade ragdoll was still in abstentia, and several consultation calls were made to ascertain the next course of action.

This incident brought a somber tone to headquarters.

When interviewed, Lucy said, “We all knew this could happen. I’ve tried to tell everyone here, it’s not as exciting as an animal might think out there. It’s a dangerous world.”
The tuxedo, Wilbur, who had been swinging on a chair chimed in.

“Isabelle has always been a little stuck-up with us kittens. You know she called us the street gang, and all that, but no one would wish this on her. It’s been nearly twelve hours, and we haven’t even heard a twitch of the tail from her.” Wilbur jumped up on the food table and crunched down on a little turkey and potato. He swallowed and mused, “You know, now that she’s gone, I kind of miss her.”

Carl, the strong silent type, who was queuing up for food said, “What he said.”

Mama Kitty took on a maternal tone as she left her velour blanket and stood to be interviewed. “It’s like I told the kittens, you need a plan. You can’t just dash out in the back yard and expect everything to go your way. You need to think. I mean, you haveto have a plan A and a plan B.” With that, she blinked her eyes, and sauntered off to find her son, Carl.

The alpha grey tabby, Misty, lumbered over from her post in the window. “I remember when I was just a young tiger, I had a few escapades.” Misty’s yellow eyes grew distant. “Those were the good old days. Ah, that Isabelle, she was probably hankering for a little adventure.”
Wilbur cruised by Misty, ignoring the fact he had evilly pounced Misty earlier in the day. Misty gave him a proactive swat and called, “Just cause you’re a young whippersnapper doesn’t mean you’re wiser. I still have top billing around here and don’t you forget it.”

Wilbur glared at her and headed off to take a nap on Lucy’s bed. Probably to plan his next move.

Misty jumped up on the sofa and pawed the velour blanker. “Anyone using this?” She then curled up and fell asleep.

Meanwhile, the search continued for a few more hours, then lights went out, and another night passed with no Isabelle.

The next day, the second staff member returned home and things kicked into high gear―color ink cartridges were bought, flyers made, signposts covered, neighbors badgered, strangers stopped, roads walked, and prayers prayed.

One staff member even went through the neighborhood standing on her head and calling into storm drains, in the event Isabelle had joined a band of underground cats living in the sewer system.

And well after midnight, with hoarse voices, the call went out, “Isabelle come home, girl.”

Reluctantly, weary and sad staff members turned out the lights at Ringing Bell headquarters. Isabelle how now been gone more than forty-eight hours. They tried not to think of comments made through the years about her not being the brightest bulb in the box. What she had lacked in brilliance, though, she made up for in devotion, but the truth remained, Isabelle was not street savvy. And so more prayers went up that she wouldn’t encounter coyotes or raccoons.

Another night passed.

In the early morning, just after five hundred hours, Lucy sent out a five-alarm bark. Staff members bounded down the stairs to a hysterical Lucy speaking in monosyllables. “Out. Out,” she barked.

They followed her into the backyard where her nose immediately hit the ground, and as they followed her, they heard her muttering, “Fresh tracks. Fresh tracks.” Lucy made another perimeter search and concluded. “She’s definitely been here.”

So, the staff members renewed their calls, “Here Isabelle. Here girl.”

And in the dim light, a furry figure slowly emerged from the far reaches of Headquarters property. Isabelle had come home.

A staff member scooped her up, and though her fur was matted and full of burrs, she had never looked more beautiful.

Lucy almost wagged her tail off at the sight of the prodigal, and inside, all cats, even the street gang, greeted her with a warm sniff.
Lucy accompanied staff members on a victory lap as they circled the still sleepy neighborhood taking down signs.

As of yet, Isabelle has been quite tight lipped about her two day, three night adventure. Maybe it’s too soon, or maybe we’ll never hear what actually happened. But all that matters, is she is home at Ringing Bell Headquarters, once more.

What’s the price of a pet canary? Some loose change, right? And God cares what happens to it even more than you do. He pays even greater attention to you, down to the last detail—even numbering the hairs on your head! So don’t be intimidated by all this bully talk. You’re worth more than a million canaries” (Matthew 10:29 The Message).

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Anonymous said...

Great post - so much fun to read. Glad Isabelle is back home safe and sound!

Beverly Varnado said...

So are we, Beth. She's been so tired, she falls asleep sitting up. Thanks for reading my nutty post!

Chris said...

You tickled my funny bone with this post. I'm glad the little furry cat returned home.

Beverly Varnado said...

Chris, we're all glad, too. Thanks for letting me share our crazy drama with you. LOL


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