Tuesday, August 25, 2015

When the dots connect

I awake and the first thing that comes to mind is what seems to be a locked up, closed door, seemingly no way through problem. I knew if I didn’t refocus, I was about to have a very bad start to my day.

I had no idea what God was about to orchestrate.

Dot number one.

I brew coffee, and sit down to have my morning devotions.  I read this one for the day written by a woman who found while out walking in a garden that she “came up against a closed gate.” A seeming dead end. But then noticed a “very narrow path beside the gate.” A way through.
I swallow that sip of coffee hard. Hmm. God might be saying something to me about my own closed door.


Dot number two.

My daily Bible reading includes these words from Isaiah 22:23, ". . . what He opens, no one can shut . . .”

A door in my mind swings open. Could be a theme here. I put my coffee cup down and pick up Streams in the Desert.

Dot number three.

“We saw no path upon the sea nor sign upon the shore. And yet day by day we were marking our path upon the chart as exactly as if there had followed us a great chalk line upon the sea.” They were “sailing by the heavenly not the earthly lights.”

I sat for a long time thinking about how God was connecting these dots for me. How he was saying that though there seemed to be no way through, He was making a way. Even though it might be narrow, it will be wide enough for passage. And that once he opens a way, no one can close it. And He showed me again that my attention should not be on navigating the path by earthly sight but through my relationship with him.

I felt a child with a crayon in my hand making a picture by going from number to number, 1, 2, 3 . . ..

And the picture I make by connecting God’s dots is an indescribable one of encouragement, hope, and the belief that God is indeed providing a route of passage through this difficulty.

And if you, too, feel, you are up against a blocked way, look again, but not with physical sight.
Look with faith.


pvmanns said...

Awesome insight, Bev! Precious moments! Thanks.

Beverly Varnado said...

Dear Patricia, thank you. Yes, such a blessing when His guidance is so real and specific.

Anonymous said...

Such a beautiful message Beverly, thank you for sharing. I love that often His guidance is simply and clearly "Trust Me," rather than "here are the pieces, put the map together yourself." I'd much rather walk with Him guiding my way than try to find the path on my own.

Beverly Varnado said...

You're so right, Beth!


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