Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Beverly Varnado Art, my new Etsy shop

After writing over 600 posts here in the last five years (603 to be exact), I have resisted the urge to monetize my site. I didn’t want my readers to wade through pop-ups and screaming advertising to get to my content, however, I do need to find another stream of income. 

I may have mentioned here that I was actually an art major in college  and have painted my whole life mostly in watercolor. However, this year I returned to oil painting moving from small watercolors (which I still love to do, by the way) to giant canvases. It’s been quite an adventure.

I’ve sold limited edition prints and note cards of my original oils and watercolors during book signings and based on that success, I’ve decided to open my own Etsy shop, Beverly Varnado Art.

I have prints of Currahee from my book Home to Currahee, as well as prints from my Lanier series of paintings which were inspired by Give My Love to the Chestnut Trees.

In addition to my note cards and fine art prints, I also have available a small devotional book, Gifts of Hope, which is taken from extraordinary acts of kindness to me when I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress. Someone delivered a little gift and note to me everyday during the entire season of Lent one year. I hope it brings hope to anyone struggling with discouragement.

So in addition to my books which are available on Amazon HERE and many other places on line, I now have my own little Etsy shop. Please consider stopping by and having a look.

A verse that has been so close to my heart through the years is, “And let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it” (Psalm 90:17). 

As the beauty of God rests upon me, I want to share it through the work of my hands as faithfully as I can whether through writing, painting, or music.

As you ponder your Christmas list this year, consider giving the gift of art, whether mine or someone else’s and let God’s beauty unfurl.
Visit my shop, Beverly Varnado Art,  HERE. Also my books are available HERE.  


Lindsey said...

You have a great talent! This Etsy shop will be a great way for you to generate extra income by doing something you love. It also seems that it is a great way for you to express yourself as well as your faith. I will definitely consider buying your artwork for Christmas gifts for my family members!

Beverly Varnado said...

Lindsey, you're a dear. I'll soon have another book available through my Etsy shop as well, a Christmas anthology from my blog called, A One Ringing Bell Christmas. Many thanks for your encouragement. Blessings, Bev

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