Monday, September 27, 2010

Ten Years and a Big Party

I made it. The United States Post Office says my contest entry is now out for delivery. There’s such a sense of accomplishment in being able to check off that block, especially after working so long.

Next, in the writing arena, I’m reworking a screenplay and in the month of October, I have an extra huge project I’m tackling…huge for me anyway.

I’m having a party, and it’s lasting the whole month. Most everyone knows October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Well, I’m a breast cancer survivor, and I’m celebrating ten years of living cancer free. I’m pictured left with my daughter at my first Relay for Life Event in 2001.

The American Cancer Society sponsors “Bloggers for more birthdays,” and my goal is to post everyday in October. I’m giving my blog a new look just for this month, buying the dog a pink collar, and wearing pink myself every day. (I know it’s scary that someone could have that much pink in her closet, but I do. Not the pale baby color, though, but the big, bright, happy shade.) I think you may even expect my husband to show up with a touch of pink.

When I was first diagnosed in May of 2000, the word went out and so many people prayed. I thought the ten-year marker would be a good place to stop once more and say a big “Thank you” to all of those folks—to let them know that all those prayers have helped me stay with my precious family. The prayers have also helped me experience Psalm 118:17: “I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the Lord has done.”

All of this will hopefully encourage someone else to get her mammogram, because early detection has helped breast cancer rates decline.

So, three more days till the party begins. That will give you time to work on your pink wardrobe and scout out that ribbon pin. Join me here as I celebrate, count my blessings, and give thanks to God for all he has done these past ten years.

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Preacher Dan said...

Congrats for your 10 years of being cancer free! My Mom was a 24 year survivor of breast cancer before dying of heart trouble in 2001. I look forward to following your blog when I can. My best to you, Jerry, and the kids and hope to see ya'll soon... Dan

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