Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Into the Light

All over the world people are captivated  by the rescue of the Chilean miners today. I’d originally intended to write about something else this morning, but this event trumps anything else I might have to say. As I post, the seventeenth miner has just been rescued.

As I watched the news, a verse that meant so much to me when I had cancer came to mind. “He reached down from on high and took hold of me; He drew me out of deep waters.” Psalm 18:16 Though the miners have not been in literal water, they’ve been in metaphorical deep water,—just as I felt I was when I had cancer. Though going through cancer is not fun, I can’t even imagine the ordeal these men have been through these past sixty-nine days.

A few moments after I’d decided to write from Psalm 18:16, I saw I had a message from writer Michelle Cox. She’d sent me a wonderful note of encouragement on Face book. I went to her page, and have her permission to post what she’d written there about the miners. “What a joy to watch the rescue of the miners in Chile. I stayed up part of the night and cried with the families as their loved ones were freed. This morning, I thought about how God did the same thing for us. He came to the darkest places of our lives, and set down a container of Grace named Jesus, and set us free.”

In so many ways, Jesus rescues us. He’s rescued me from sin, trauma, cancer, heartache, disappointment—the list goes on and on. Through many trials, I’ve felt the strong arms of God holding me fast and taking me to higher ground.

So, let’s continue to pray that all the Chilean miners may reach safety. And as they come into the light and doors open which they would’ve never imagined, pray they would have wisdom to allow God to use the rest of their lives for His glory.

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