Wednesday, November 3, 2010

By Faith...

Yesterday, I found myself in Hebrews, chapter 11—you know the chapter where almost every paragraph begins with “By faith..." and then adds some hero of the faith in the verse.

Often it’s been hard to see myself in the same company as those mentioned in this chapter. When my faith sags, I’m not able to think of myself as conqueror and overcomer—a person whose frailties have metamorphosed into strengths. I don’t think my struggle is unique, because years ago during a Beth Moore Bible Study, she had students write in something under the last verse in this chapter—the words “By faith…” and then our name. Every time I read through Hebrews, I see “Be faith Bev…” I suppose she wanted us to envision ourselves as people who by faith could do anything God called us to do—big things, impossible things.

Later in the day, I read this quote from Andrew Murray in reference to prayer. “Think of what He can do, of how He delights to hear Christ, of your place in Christ; and expect great things.”

There are increasingly strong and growing Christian film communities in several cities in the U.S. including Nashville and Charlotte. These producers, directors, actors, and screenwriters feel called by God to make a difference in our culture. I am one of those writers.

Dave Moody and Bev
The producer Dave Moody, who has an option on my screenplay “Give My Love to the Chestnut Trees,” made an important announcement earlier in the week—his company Elevating Entertainment Motion Pictures is moving its production to a new development which is part of the Stargate Worldwide Attraction and Business Center Complex in Concord, N.C. You may read the entire article here.

As I read through this very exciting news item, then saw my name on the slate of development projects which could possibly be produced there, I thought about those ink smudged words I’d written in my Bible--“By faith Bev…” Of course, there are still a lot of things that need to put into place, but something about that release stirred in me a greater hold on Andrew Murray’s words—“…expect great things.”

I thank God for Dave Moody and others like him who are able to grasp the vision to do great things for God. I pray his tribe increases.

Perhaps God is calling you to do something mighty for Him. Join me in Hebrews, pencil in those words--“By faith…,” add your own name. Find yourself among ordinary people with an extraordinary God.

“By faith…”

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