Monday, April 4, 2011

Drama and More Drama, a Ringing Bell news update

RINGING BELL HEADQUARTERS—Late yesterday, Belle and Lucy Varnado were having one of their daily love feasts when it was discovered Belle had brought Wilbur into the mix. There in the middle of the backyard, at the feet of the giant chocolate canine, lay little Wilbur covered in Lucy licks. The Ringing Bell Staff tried to remain calm about the situation, observed for a season, and then returned Wilbur to his natal corrugated crib.

Undeterred in her efforts to give her brood one on one face time with her beloved pooch, Belle also retrieved Sara and brought her out for a visit.

Belle, Lucy, and Sara
The Staff grew nervous wondering if the enormous dog might inadvertently step on tiny Sara, but as always Lucy exhibited the most delicate manners. After a few moments, the staff returned Sara to the studio. Thinking all well, the staff then retired for the evening.

This morning at approximately 7:30 a.m., Lucy Varnado emerged from indoor quarters to the backyard. As is the routine, food was distributed by staff to all canines and felines.

“Wilbur’s missing. Wilbur’s missing,” a crewmember cried shortly after entering the studio. “The triplets are there, but no Wilbur.”

An alarm went out to all. Flashlights were seized, coats donned, and a search ensued.

The interior of the studio was turned upside down. No Wilbur. The crawl spaces under the studio, barn, and house were checked. No Wilbur. The vent wells, which Belle had shown some disposition toward for birthing were checked. No Wilbur. The front yard, the back yard. No Wilbur. Under the cars. No Wilbur.

Pictures of a hawk descending and carrying away poor defenseless Wilbur began to barge into staff member’s heads. Images of snarling, vicious tomcats soon joined them.

“How will we tell our readers about this?” a staff member questioned, eyes pooling tears.

All near despair, someone had the idea to ask Aunt Lucy about it.

“Well, of course, I was inside headquarters when all this went down, but you know I’ve got a pretty good nose. I’d love to have a crack at finding our Wilbur. We had a great time bonding yesterday, and I just can’t stand to think about something happening to the little tyke.” Lucy wiped a tear from her brown lashed eye.

Fluorescent orange collar flashing in true search and rescue fashion, Lucy set out.

“Find Wilbur, Lucy,” staff members shouted encouragingly.

Once outside the backyard gate, Lucy’s nose went to the ground in determination. She sniffed, followed trails, sniffed, followed trails, sniffed, and….

There in an ivy bed close to the fence, Lucy discovered a black and white ball of fur, alive and safe.

Staff members danced all the way back to the studio.

No explanation has been given for Wilbur’s mysterious relocation, but dog biscuits were brought forth and Lucy was proclaimed “Hero for the Day.”

Between bites, Lucy issued this statement, “I didn’t do anything any other Aunt wouldn’t have done for one of her favorite nephews. Why I’d have searched a tiger’s den if necessary. I’m just glad he’s safe.”

Wilbur sleeping with siblings
Yes, all have breathed a great sigh of relief about Wilbur’s return here at Ringing Bell Headquarters, but the alert level has been raised and an inquiry launched to solve the riddle of Wilbur’s migration.

More on this story later in the week.

Meanwhile, the staff is considering the greater implications of this lost and found story.

“But we had to celebrate and be glad, because this brother of yours was dead and is alive again; he was lost and is found. (Luke 15:32)”

P.S Monday, 11:58 a.m.
Mystery solved. Belle, who can be a force of nature, decided she wanted her kittens to be near Lucy. Evidently, in transportation Wilbur crawled underneath the fence. Now, Belle has moved all four to the vent well by the back door, and right beside where Lucy lies everyday. Staff has no idea what they're going to do with a storm coming this evening.

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