Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Kitten Caper, a One Ringing Bell News Update

RINGING BELL HEADQUARTERS – A shocking discovery rocked Headquarters last week as this reporter uncovered a deceptive practice here. Several Staff members knowingly participated in this scandalous matter and involved themselves in the cover-up.

In a previous post, Meet the Kittens, the tiny tots were introduced, and a claim was made as to their gender. Imagine how stunned this reporter was to discover Staff’s flagrant disregard for the truth. The fact is Staff had no idea what gender the kittens were at seven days old. Even trained professionals have trouble determining gender at this age.

As unbelievable as this seems, Staff assigned names to the innocent kittens simply based on the way their FACES looked.

A jarring revelation, indeed.

“This one looks sweet and fluffy, let’s name her Eloise,” Staff Member A was heard to say. (Names are being withheld pending legal action)

“This one looks rascally, let’s name him Carl,” another Staff Member said.

And so on, and so on.

This information was even withheld from close family members. “I’m shocked, just shocked,” the chocolate lab Aunt Lucy said when interviewed. “To think that our little ones were subjected to such misdoing is just…well….unthinkable.” Lucy wiped a tear and shuffled off to shred a stuffed turtle.

Now that the kittens are a month old, this reporter had them assessed by a certified Boy/Girl Determiner.

“This one’s a boy,” the Determiner said as she put Wilbur down.

“A girl,” she declared as Sara tumbled from his hand.

“Another boy,” she said  as Carl meowed loudly.

“This last one’s a…let me see here…yeah, she’s a girl.” Fluffy Eloise nestled in her fingers.

“You mean the Staff actually got them all right just by looking at their faces?” this reporter asked.

“It seems they did,” the certified Boy/Girl Determiner said.

It’s enough to make an investigative reporter turn in her credentials.

So as not to disturb the kittens and Belle, this investigation was kept under wraps. And since no names will have to be changed, all is well and everyone had a wonderful Easter.

Kittens have escaped the confines of their corrugated condo and have flown to the outer reaches of the office landscape. Now scaling sofa, chair, and ottoman, staff members are stretched keeping up with Belle’s busy offspring. But you can be sure, that this reporter will keep a close eye on things to insure the tuxedo and triplets we've come to adore are in good hands.



Best Friends Lucy and Belle

A Happy Bunch on Easter Sunday
I know every bird in the mountains, and the creatures of the field are mine. Psalm 50:12

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