Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Stormy Night with the Kittens, a One Ringing Bell News Update

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RINGING BELL HEADQUARTERS—Just like many who live in the South, earlier this week we here at Headquarters had to flee to a safe refuge as approaching storms threatened. Ringing Bell Headquarters is located in a community almost leveled by tornados several decades ago, so warning sirens dot the landscape throughout our town.

As warning horns blasted, staff members scurried to assemble kittens.

“Where’s Eloise?” one crew person cried with head stuck under the sofa.

“Here she is,” another replied grabbing her from behind the woodstove.

Finally, when all kittens were collected and canines retrieved, the entire group made tracks to a downstairs hall and bathroom to await the all clear signal.

Lucy immediately made herself at home on a staff member’s palette.

“This is nice,” she said. “Are we sleeping like this every night?”

Belle chimed in, “Yeah, the brood and I like the coziness of these arrangements.”

“This is an emergency relocation, only,” a staff member instructed.

“Too bad,” Lucy said longingly as she rested her head on someone’s foot.

Kittens scampered unaware of any problem.

Charles Varnado, Esq. spent most of his time underneath the covers as he still suffers the effects of a traumatic thunderstorm he endured in his puppyhood.

Misty and Isabelle, in an adjacent room, pounded on the door. “Why does SHE get to be with staff members, and we’re stuck in the bedroom?”

“Kittens need her,” a staff member yelled back. Misty and Isabelle still nurse a grudge against Belle and their loud grumbling was heard the entire duration of the evening.

The threat lasted over an hour, but finally all emerged unharmed.

However, all of us here at Ringing Bell are mindful of the heartache suffered elsewhere in our land and remember them in our prayers.

To add to this week’s drama, Staff members arose one morning and were unable to locate the kittens. Every possible kitten hiding place was checked to no avail. It seemed they’d vanished. As fears rose about the little ones, and all sat pondering what could have happened, a staff member asked, “Could they possibly be inside the sofa?”

The sofa in question is a sleeper with no access from underneath. “How?” Another member asked.

Very, very carefully, Staff disassembled the couch, took off slipcover and pillows, and then slowly pulled the sleeper bed out. They were ever alert for even one mew in case they needed to stop so as not to injure the kittens in the sofa mechanism. When the sofa bed was almost extended, kitten feet were spotted hanging from inside the back of the sofa. Evidently, Carl, Eloise, and Sara had followed Wilbur, who all staff members agree is the mastermind of this little escapade and made a nest inside the sofa back. Since then, we’ve noticed an increasing frequency of mews emanating from the interior of the sofa bed.

“Be careful,” everyone says when anyone takes a seat.

The scampering of kitten feet fills the office at Headquarters these days, and we can’t even think of the quickly approaching time when these little boys and girls will head off to their own homes. We’ll need buckets to hold the tears when they go. However, rest assured anyone who takes these little ones home will be fully vetted by the staff here at Headquarters.
kitten tails

under his mama's wing

Belle on one foot and Wilbur on the other
green eyed Belle
a familiar sight at HQ
Looking Up
God is our refuge and strength, an ever present help in trouble (Psalm 46:1)


Phyllis said...

I love the Ringing Bell updates. What a nice break from all of the difficult news these days. I still think these updates could be the makings of a novel one day. Prayers continue for Jerry and all of you. Phyllis

Beverly Varnado said...

Phyllis, I don't know about the novel, but I know I have great fun writing them. Thanks for all the prayers for us during this time.

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