Monday, June 13, 2011

Clouds are Dust

The other evening Jerry and I went walking on the beach as the golden orb dropped to the west. The clouds piled high in front of us reflected on the glistening sand left from an ebbing tide.

I snapped and snapped in the few minutes we had before the pinks, purples, blues and grays faded to black.

How many elements had to come together to create this momentary spectacle of beauty?

The sun setting at just the right time, the clouds in the just-so position, the tide out at such a level as to serve as a mirror.

A lot.

In a sermon by C. H. Spurgeon on a text from Nahum 1:3, “…the clouds are the dust of his feet,” he points out that “Great things with us are little things with God.”

All this magnificent beauty is but a little thing for God to perform. Translated to my life, the seemingly huge irresolvable conflicts, and giant what-ifs are no big deal for God.

Clouds are dust. A little bit louder. CLOUDS ARE DUST.

I may wallpaper my office with these photos.

Thank you God for choreographing this glorious moment.

When my friend and extraordinary photographer, Bunny, saw these photos, she tweaked the exposure on the one above. I share her rendition below. Love it.

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