Friday, October 14, 2011

New Christian Writers Group

For some time now, I’ve felt God calling me to start a Christian Writer’s Group in this area. When I taught at the Harriette Austin Conference this past summer, a strong contingency expressed interest in meeting with other writers working in the inspirational market.

On a rainy fall evening, a few of us gathered last night for our first meeting. As I wrote them this morning in an email, I’m amazed at how strangers can come together in a room, and because they have Jesus in common, they can leave that room feeling like family. We even had one participant who traveled 200 miles to be with us.

I remembered this verse from Zechariah 4:10, “Who dares despise the day of small things…”

Yes, though small in number, I believe we were mighty in spirit, because of the presence of a loving God who chose to join us. And who knows what God may do through the work produced through these dear folks committed to pursuing Him? Our purpose is to support, encourage, provide writing instruction and links to writing opportunities for those who participate.

I once told Yvonne Lehman, who founded the Blue Ridge Mountain Conference that she would only know in heaven the millions she’s touched through her commitment to encouraging other writers.

If you live in our area in the Southeast, and sense a call to write for the Lord, would you consider joining us as we meet again the last week in this month? You may contact me through my website to find out more.

Many blessings, 

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