Friday, December 9, 2011

Book Signing and Feature Article

Love to see any of you who live in the Athens, Georgia area for a book signing today at the Carpenter's Shop on Chase Street. The signing is from 5:00 to 6:30, although I plan to be there a few minutes early.

Also, the Athens Banner Herald ran a nice article about the signing and Give My Love to the Chestnut Trees today at .

Look forward to seeing you at the Carpenter's Shop.


max harrell said...

wow, wow, wow, I spent yesterday and today with Mary Helen and Aunt Laney What a wonderful time I had. You see I also had an Aunt Laney, (who really wasn't an Aunt but should have been). My should have bene also had a love for Sidney Lanier and SSI. As a very young and naive married woman, she took a car full of us to Epworth by the Sea for a UMW retreat. During our free time she drove us straight to the marsh and we read and re-read The Marshes of Glynn and we talked about it and she encouraged us to memorize lines that spoke to us. The line I still remember is "As the marsh hen secrety buids on the water sod, Behold I will build me a nest on the greatness of God"........ almost 40 years have past and my love for SSI, the marsh, Sidney Lanier and God have continued to grow. Thank you Beverly for the story within you of Mary Helen's magical summer of 1988. I visited in Aunt Lsney's home, roamed the village, tasted the food and smelled the marsh along with them. As the book ended I just want to add that I too, want my love to be given the the Chestnut Trees as well as the author and story teller. Beverly, may your ears always hear the stories of life, may the words that glorify the greatness of God always belong to you and may others desire to hear your stories. God Bless you and yours, Carol Harrell

BeverlyVarnado said...


Thank you for taking the time to read the book and comment. So glad it struck a chord in you and helped you recall your own sweet memories. Sounds like you had an Aunt Laney yourself. Would love to hear more about it. Many blessings in the New Year.

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