Monday, January 2, 2012

A New Year and God's Beauty

I’ve been giving thought to a verse from Psalm 90:17, “And let the beauty of the LORD our God be upon us: and establish thou the work of our hands upon us; yea, the work of our hands establish thou it.”

I’ve often prayed for the Lord to establish the work of my hands, and as we enter a new year, it’s an especially appropriate petition. 

But I also pray, “Let the beauty of the Lord our God be upon us…” 

As I scanned the hundreds and hundreds of photographs on my cell phone from this year, I realize that God has continually surrounded me with beauty. That beauty helps anchor me in the present. When I stop to snap a picture, I’m honoring God for his artistry which he’s brought into my life. This has been an almost unprecedented year of heartache and struggle in our family, but it’s also been a year of joy. Much of the joy has come from pausing to clap for the wonder of all that God has created. 

Today I share a few photos from this year’s journey…just from my cell phone. Probably a thousand more taken with my other camera. I’m by no means trained as a photographer, but we don’t have to be to twirl in thanksgiving for the gifts with which he surrounds us.

May God's beauty be upon you, friends, in this new year, and may he truly establish the work of your hands. Blessings, Bev

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