Monday, April 16, 2012

Snakes, Soccer, Surreys, and Saddles

If you’re going to do any convalescing in this house, you’d better learn to do it in a car.

This past weekend, so many wonderful things were happening, I just wouldn’t be left behind. First off, we joined our wildlife biologist son, Aaron, at the university for a gathering where I ran into a couple of my dearest friends again…

Yes, Miss Soft Shell Turtle and Mr. Rat Snake and several other critters were there in all their splendor. I learned years ago, that if I wanted to be in my son’s world, I’d better learn to like all things slick, slithering, and scaly. The wildlife and I exchanged pleasantries and parted amicably.

Next off, my son had been invited to play soccer with a university club team as they scrimmaged the semi pro Silverbacks in Atlanta. Was I going to miss this? No way. I grabbed my barf bag and water bottle and off we went. Glad I did. Aaron had a good bit of playing time for a guy who wasn’t officially on the team, and I didn’t even have to use the barf bag.

I still had one more thing I wanted to do on Saturday, The Disciples in Song Concert, a benefit for a seminary in Venezuela. But even I had to admit defeat around seven o’clock. We didn't attend the concert but headed home where I stumbled over our threshold, exhausted, but content.

On Sunday, after church, I practiced with the Symphony Chorus as we’re readying for the Spring Pops concert. We’re singing Rodgers and Hammerstein for goodness sakes. I figured the healing benefits of the music outweighed any risks. You just can’t help but smile singing this song. “A merry heart doeth good like a medicine…” Proverbs 17:22 says.

At a wrap up for our church’s Relay for Life Sunday night, I received the prestigious “Lucy Award” for my outstanding contributions to the assembly line of pork loin sandwiches.

(Do I have to spell this out? Think Lucy in the candy factory episode. If you haven’t ever seen it, I don’t know what to say, but see a bit here.)

I get my stitches out today, and I’m humming along with Gene Autry as he sings this tune. Although, I think I'm already riding high in the saddle.

By God’s grace, I am blessed. After I left the operating room a week ago, I’ve only had four Tylenol and no prescription painkillers. Almost unheard of and only by his great mercy.

So thanks for your prayers. This is my sixth surgery and the first where I’m not waiting on a pathology report. There are those however, who are in the thick of the battle like my friend Jane. And so, as grateful as I am, I’m burdened today as she fights this enemy of cancer with such courage. Would you join me in prayer for her?

Father, we come as your children asking that you would stretch forth your hand to heal our sister. Shield her body from the toxicity of the treatment, and we pray it would be used only for good effect. Encourage her heart. Strengthen her body, soul, mind and spirit. In Jesus Name.

Please continue to lift Jane in your prayers in this ongoing battle.

My biggest problem is remembering I can’t lift over ten pounds for a month. Nearly impossible, but if that’s all I have to be concerned with as a twelve year cancer survivor, that’s great.

I’m off now. Can’t decide whether to hitch up the horse, take a ride in the surrey, or call Mr. Rat Snake and Miss Soft Shell Turtle and see if they want to have lunch. Come to think of it, Lucy might want to come, too.

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