Sunday, September 16, 2012

Sometimes, you have to cry WHEEEEEE!

Because there aren’t enough words to express the sheer joy when God hands you a gift of such significance.

At her birth, doctors said she wouldn’t live an hour. The prayers of the saints went up.

And in response, her heart beat out sixty minutes.

And as the intercessions multiplied, two hours passed.

Hours turned into days, and months.

When a first birthday arrived, everyone said, “See what God has done.”

Two, three, four more birthdays.

Her feet have never touched the ground as many others, but her smile has touched hundreds, even thousands and helped us all realize--




Five, six, seven, eight, nine birthdays.

When she enters the room—rustling and wings, because Jesus said, “…their angels in heaven always see the face of my Father in heaven” (Matthew 18:10).

She helps us see the Father, too, through her wordless message, her unspoken sermon.

Sailing into her tenth birthday on wheels of grace, she’s a princess in pink tennis shoes.

She doesn’t eat cake, but tastes His goodness bobbing bright hair ribbons in celebration.


Sometimes it seems she knows more than we do.

Perhaps Jesus leans over and whispers these things in her ear. Spirit to spirit.

“You are a miracle.”

“You are beautiful.”

“You are loved.”

We pray we wouldn’t have to strain so much to hear His words for own souls, and we search for what He might say to us through her dancing eyes.

We rejoice in her life.

We spin, we twirl, we cry, “Wheeeeee,” and we say, “Thank you, God, for Presley.”


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