Friday, April 26, 2013

Laughing with Happy Friends and the Writing Journey

If you live in the Northeast Georgia area, I'll be at the Festival of Authors in Lavonia, Georgia tomorrow, Saturday April 27. I'll be signing books from 10 until 1 in the Gazebo downtown or in the Depot if raining. Would love to see you there.

One of my great joys has been seeing various members of our writing group reach goals toward which they’d long worked. Some laboring on screenplays or novels have made progress, and we celebrate their advancement toward long-term success. For those penning nonfiction, we applaud their courage when they muster the courage to press send on an article or devotion, and then have the privilege of rejoicing with them when a piece makes it to print.

To that end, a member of our group, Mary Hansford, recently received news her article, “A Blessed Bee Sting,” was accepted for a national publication, Guidepost’s Angels on Earth Magazine.
When she first read her article to us, we knew it was something special, and obviously, the editors at Angels on Earth did too. Just out in the May/June edition, you may read it online here. 

“Laugh with your happy friends when they’re happy; share tears when they’re down” (Romans 12:15 The Message).  It’s a privilege to travel with other writers who have similar dreams to mine. We gather, share life, talk about our writing, and pray together. We rejoice over acceptances, grieve over rejections, and encourage one another to keep going when the fulfillment of dreams is deferred.

Through all of this, God works.

The writing path is most often a long and rocky one, but it’s a much better journey when we share it with friends. So, if God’s ignited a passion to be a writer in your heart, find a group with whom you can navigate the sometimes murky literary waters.

From my favorite of all writing mentors, Madeleine L’Engle: “…it takes time and energy and considerable pain to give birth to even the most minor of stories. The life of the artist is as much a life of discipline as that of the physician or the missionary. It makes incredibly austere and difficult demands. Are you willing to make the sacrifice? Don’t’ worry if you’re not. There’s nothing wrong in being a Sunday painter. Not everyone who writes is called on to make this work a vocation; but if you feel that you are called, than I can promise you great joy as well as conflict and pain.”

Whatever your calling, just know the joys as well as the sorrows are more blessed in the company of others.

Writers Maria, Paula, Mary, Carole, and Beverly


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