Monday, June 23, 2014

If you're missing now

I hesitated a few moments, but then had to act. “Jerry, please, turn around.”

He’d dealt with this enough, he didn’t even ask why. I wondered how the light might change in the few moments it’d taken me to make up my mind.

I grabbed my cell phone from my purse. “Turn right here.”

He did, I jumped out of the car, and snapped.

The glow of the setting sun as it banks off clouds in the east—an example of why filmmakers call this time of the day “golden time.”

My son says I take my own stock photos, but I never know if I’ll ever witness that scene in front of me again. I never know how God might speak to me through a picture.

Robert Frost wrote, “I am not a teacher, but an awakener.” One of the challenges in life is continually to allow ourselves to be awakened by the wonder around us—the fleeting moments of now that make up our lives. If we let the present beauty pass us by in favor of some maybe beauty in the future, we might miss both.

That’s why, sometimes, we have to turn cars around to stand on the road and snap pictures—to take a few moments to capture now and say, thank you, God.
“Far and wide they’ll come to a stop,
    they’ll stare in awe, in wonder.
Dawn and dusk take turns
    calling, “Come and worship”

Friends, no matter what troubles are brewing on this Monday of your life; I’m praying moments of beauty and wonder for you. I'm praying now for you. Come and worship.

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