Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Thank you, Dad

My dad has suffered a second stroke and is almost totally debilitated. He is constantly on my mind these days, even when I’m not with him. So many memories come flooding back―all the wonderful ways he has touched my life. So I decided to make a list, very stream of consciousness, in no way complete, or in any kind of order.

My tribute to my dad today.

Thank you Dad for:

Ice cream after Sunday night service

Paying for umpteen piano lessons

Attending every game I cheered at in high school

Letting me cry on your knee after a heartbreak

Changing my oil and checking my tires

Providing a college education

Calling every evening at 9:00 right up until the night you had the stroke

Staying up until the wee hours waiting for my son to be born, driving an hour home, and driving back again a few hours later to see him

Being there to help take that baby home a day later

Crying when I sang

Buying my books

The look in your eyes when I read the dedication of Home to Currahee to you

Running for county commissioner at age 72 and winning

Encouraging me to keep learning by reading physics books in your spare time

Sharing your stories

Passing on your love for birds

Inspiring me with real change when you took that Dale Carnegie course

Teaching Sunday school for a hundred years

Putting salt on your watermelon

Hugs in the driveway when you got home from work

Being a constant when things were scary

Dusting playground dirt from my socks when I arrived at your office

Giving me dimes to go to Harper’s Five and Ten after school

Picking us up from the airport

Teaching us the value of education because of your GI bill experience and that “You can’t get too much school housing.”

Passing that on to my children

Being at my children’s high school graduations

Sharing all those weeks on St. Simons Island

Being so stubborn

Crying in relief when I told you there was no cancer in my lymph nodes

Being with me through trials of many kinds

Being proud of your grandchildren

Teaching me the value of hard work and persistence

Giving me Currahee

Helping my cocker spaniel give birth to her puppies

Letting us keep George and Georgette, those Easter ducks, in the backyard

Teaching me how to drive my straight shift Mustang, even though the experience made you never want to teach anyone else

And especially for being my dad

“I thank my God every time I remember you” (Philippians 1:3).


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