Tuesday, August 21, 2018

Book launch and when you're needing mercy and grace

Two days away from the launch of Faith in the Fashion District, I’m giving much thought to this book launch process. 

It’s a conundrum, really.

Most of the writers I know who work in the Christian market believe God has called them to do what they do. We write believing God will use the words He gives us to make a difference in someone’s life, yet they only make a difference if people have opportunity to read them.

So, we try to do what is expected of us to market our work. None of us wants to do this, because those skills aren’t usually in our wheelhouse. We have to spend time to learn that part of the publishing process. Lots of time. Additionally, our introverted selves struggle in these marketing waters. We don't want to be seen as promoting ourselves.

That’s where I find myself here on the cusp of this book release.

Then I read something beloved author, Liz Curtis Higgs, said on Twitter this week. So thankful I was privileged to meet her a few years ago at the Christy Awards. She is such a lovely person, inside and out.


On twitter, she was discussing this whole platform and brand thing as related to authors. In fact she went so far as to say, “Words like ‘brand’ and ‘platform’ have no place among God’s servants.” I have been waiting years for someone to say that. Some agents won’t even speak with you unless you’ve already built a platform and possess 10,000 emails on your list before you have a book published.

She goes on, “My encouragement to writers and speakers is to focus on ministry and leave any platform-building to the Lord.”

Can you hear my applause, Liz?

“I believe with all my heart if we focus entirely on making Him known, He will open any doors that need opening.”

As I read, it was almost as if she were applying a healing balm to my heart.

She gave these instructions, “Proclaim His Name far more than your own. Trust rather than strive. Minister rather than market. The right attitude is indeed key. So are the right actions. I am a fellow struggler, praying for His mercy and grace on this.”

To hear that this woman with such influence struggles in this area helped me more than I can ever say. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Liz.

If you’re reading this and you’re an author, you know the challenge, too, so find hope in Liz’s words. Really, her words would apply to how we live our daily lives no matter whether we’re engaged in writing or some other endeavorproclaim His name, trust, minister, right attitude, and right actions.

Friends, mercy and grace for all of us, as we seek to live this out. It is a daily challenge, but I know God will be our guide.

Give praise to the Lord, proclaim his name; make known among the nations what he has done (Psalm 105:1).

“I believe with all my heart if we focus entirely on making Him known, He will open any doors that need opening.” Liz Curtis Higgs (click to tweet)

So with mercy and grace I say we’d love to see you at the book launch event for Faith in the Fashion District at Divine Salon, Spa and Gifts in Watkinsville, GA this Thursday, August 23, from 6-8. If you’ve already purchased a book online, just come by, say hello, and have a piece of cheesecake. We’ll have a couple of giveaways that night as well.

To buy Faith in the Fashion District HERE. 


BethAndrews said...

Thank you for sharing Liz Curtis' words Bev. I'm working on my very first book and have heard the "marketing mantra" and it just leaves me feeling cold. I know that God can give my book favor if it is His will, and no amount of self-promotion will make my book a success if it isn't. I just want to be faithful as a writer and communicator. May God bless your new book and all you do to share His Name.

Beverly Varnado said...

Thank you, Beth and congratulations on pressing ahead with your book. Liz's words were such an encouragement to me and I hoped they would be to other writers as well. Praying God's blessing on the work of your hands.

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