Tuesday, March 26, 2019

On being kind

When my sister, Tammy, and I were small children, a greasy substance was found on one of our walls at homea real mess. When questioned about this, Tammy didn’t want to admit her guilt, but she didn’t want me to take the blame either. “Beverly didn’t do it,” she answered.

Today, my sister celebrates one of those big birthdays, and in tribute to her, if I were to characterize her life with one word, it would be she is kind. And as you can see, kindness has been her trademark for a long time always looking for a way to help and uplift others. She is a wife, mom, aunt, and sister in our family. We know Tammy consistently models kindness day in and day out. It is not reserved for special times or special people, but if you know my sister at all, you know her kindness.

In what can seem an increasingly razor- edged, caustic world, kindness can feel rare. Many feel an “I just say what I think” mentality deserves some sort of merit badge, when actually the opposite is true. It takes restraint and thoughtfulness to season our words with tenderness and love.

Saint Paul said it this way, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other, just as in Christ God forgave you” (Ephesians 4:32).

Tammy spent decades as a first grade teacher showering her kindness on children. Now she displays it in her efforts to help others achieve their weight loss goals, much as she did herself ten years ago when she lost one hundred and forty pounds and appeared in several media features. She knows firsthand the multi-faceted challenges those seeking to manage their weight may deal with, and she knows kindness and compassion go a long way to encourage.

When hurt or harmed herself, she somehow finds a way to refrain from lashing out, and forgives even when others fail to ask her forgiveness.

Well this time, Beverly did do it, because I’m taking a chance with this post today. My sister is not one to put herself forward, but I don’t want her to think her lifetime of kindness has gone unnoticed.

So happy birthday, my dear sister, and thank you for the many kindnesses from you I have received. I pray we can all take a page from your book, and let kindness be our watchword as well.
“As a Ford model during the 1980’s, the New York fashion world was my world. Beverly’s encouraging stories of how God moved in that sphere help us realize that no matter where we are— even on Seventh Avenue--God wants to use us for His glory.”
Nancy StaffordActress (“Matlock”), Speaker, and Author

Faith in the Fashion District by Beverly Varnado


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