Tuesday, September 24, 2019

Someone is Coming

Jerry and I found ourselves stranded downtown. Though, we didn’t attend a recent UGA game, we decided to go to the Letterman’s Club at the stadium and watch the game for awhile, then get a ride home after things calmed down a bit.  However, it was such a high profile game with about 100,000 extra people in town besides the ones who bought game tickets, accessing networks for transportation was virtually impossible. Unless you live in a big college town, it may be hard to understand the chaos that occurs on game weekends. ESPN game day and all that.

We could walkbut not all the way home. We wandered aimlessly a while uncertain of what to do but whispering prayers in our heart. Our friends were either at the game, otherwise occupied, or too far out of town. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a vehicle pull to the curb and a man exited. I wheeled around and dashed to the car, “Who do you work for?” I asked the driver. She told me, but it didn’t matter, we couldn’t access the network. I explained our situation. “Could you take us home? And if so how much?” I told her we had cash. The real kind. Not the virtual kind. The price turned out to be right.

“I’ll take you home,” she said.

We chatted on the way and a few minutes later, when we arrived, I told her she was a real blessing and an answer to prayer. “Amen,” she said. “Thank you so much,” and let me know she shared my faith. That might have explained her kindness.

Here’s the back-story. I hesitated to go to the stadium that night because the evening before my asthma cranked up and I was concerned about getting transportation when we needed it during such a high demand time. I wasn’t sure how far I could walk. At one point, I said I wouldn’t go, but then I realized I was letting fear call the shot. So I went, and my worst fear was realized when we couldn’t initially secure a ride.

But God. God knew we needed a ride and sent a Christian woman at just the right time.

So here’s what I was reminded of during my game day adventure: Don’t let fear rule. Step out in faith, because God is faithful. Someone is coming to help whether you realize it or not. You may not know their name or ever see them again, but God has dispatched them. Trust Him.

So today, if you’re feeling stranded on your own metaphorical street corner, believe that God sees you and is sending help. You are not alone and you are not without assistance.

“For I am the Lord your God who takes hold of your right hand and says to you, Do not fear; I will help you” (Isaiah 41:13).

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