Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Note to Self: Seven Things to Do

This will be a short blog post, because sometimes many words are not what we need. You might put this under the category of a note to self, and I’m inviting you to look over my shoulder as I try to think of a few simple things I can do right now to make a difference in these challenging times.
Here goes:

1. Listen more. Listen more. Listen more.

2. Stop interrupting as if I understand. I don’t.

3. Realize only God truly knows my heart, the depths of which are often unknown to me.

4. Eliminate the word but, because every time I make that word choice, it invalidates what I said before it.

5. Don’t tolerate injustice. Even in small ways.

6. Be willing to accept change and not sentimentalize hurtful vestiges of the past.

7. Pray as the Psalmist did, “Will you not revive us again . . .” (Psalm 85:6).

That’s where I’m beginning. This plan is not complete or perfect in its scope, but what I’ve learned from my writing journey is that small steps add up to something big. If I write 1,000 words a day five days a week, I could have a rough draft of a novel in three or four months. What it takes is persistence and a bit of discipline. I think that principle may apply here too. Change will take focus and determination.

I’ll end by using a boomer song reference that seems applicable here, “Let it begin with me . . .”


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