Tuesday, July 21, 2020

Where the glory comes out

I tell you there’s nothing like a global pandemic to make you want to as Jerry says, “Sit near the spout where the glory comes out.” Just in the past week, we’ve had three prayer requests related to the virus from the circle of friends and family in our small church. A woman who passed from it, a twenty-something in critical condition, and another man also in intensive care.

Oh, yes, the heaviness, and the heartache of this present time make our hearts cry out for His presence. Yet his glory shows up in many ways if our eyes are open to it.

For those who name the name of Jesus and who have given their lives to Him, that glory can show up in the mirror. It was the apostle Paul who wrote, “Christ in you, the hope of glory."  Max Lucado says “The mystery of Christianity is summarized in Colossians 1:27, ‘Christ in you.’”

We are glory carriers to the world around us. Sometimes we forget when our own hearts sag and our hope dwindles that within us is glory. Christ dwells in us. And that spout where the glory comes out, well, let’s allow it to be us.

During these last months, I feel as if I’ve been holding back, not allowing God to shine forth as He might. I just want to be more of an open vessel for Him. Maybe you do, too. In all the negative, bickering, politicizing talk, let’s allow God to make us glory splashers wherever we go, whatever we do, and for sure, whatever we say.

Praying a glory filled week for all of you, friends.


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