Tuesday, August 18, 2020

Cold water and good news

When I read the news article, this verse came to mind: “Like cold water to a weary soul is good news from a distant land” (Proverbs 25:25).

Exactly five months to the day after we went into lockdown, finally more good news than bad news pertaining to the virus surfaced in my news feed.

To summarize, it seems we may be closer to herd immunity in some places than first thought. Instead of needing 75 to 80 percent of people to be exposed, new research indicates we may only need 45 to 50 percent. That means the spread of the virus would significantly slow and places like New York City which were so hard hit early on, may not see resurgence. Next, more recent studies show immunity may last much longer than originally thought. And in a hat trick of good news, lower numbers of flu in the southern hemisphere this year may mean we will avoid a “twindemic” here in the U.S. this winter.

As I read, it felt as if I was in a misting tent like the one they have at Sanford Stadium on hot games, just a continual spray of cold water to help with the heat.

One of the big challenges in this pandemic is that what we think we know is ever changing. So what I shared above is a switch from earlier thinking. We constantly have to reset expectations. In addition there's hardly been any light at the end of this tunnel. We really need to pray for those scientists and researchers who are working tirelessly to discover the truth in the seeming maze if this pandemic.

Jerry often says, “People aren’t looking for good advice, but they are looking for good news.” So true. In fact, I think these days, we’re desperate for that blast of refreshment. We’re all weary of dealing with this virus.

So for that reason, it’s especially important we focus on the unchanging good news found in scripture. It is not subject to new research but as the Psalmist wrote, “Your word, Lord, is eternal; it stands firm in the heavens” (Psalm 119:89). It is truly good news from the “far country” of heaven, unlike any country on earth. And God’s good news is brought to us by prophets, and forerunners, and God’s son, Jesus.

 I was just sharing with someone this week how sometimes it’s difficult to stop having certain thoughts, but we can substitute other thoughts. The best way to do that is to meditate on a verse that ministers to us and let it take the place of those dark thoughts that can dog our heels. As we practice this, we’ll find our thoughts lock in on what cannot be shakeneternal truth.

So here’s to hope. Let’s all stand in the misting tent of God’s unchanging good news together.



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