Whatever you do

Jerry and I have been traveling for a few days. He attended a milestone class reunion which was fun, and we also visited with dear family we hadn’t seen in too long. 

At one event related to the reunion we gathered in an historic old home on the shores of a mammoth lime sink lake. A bit of trivia is that Bette Davis and Jamie Lee Curtis appeared in a movie filmed there. It’s an extraordinarily beautiful place. I used no filters on the pictures below. 

I love the conversations that can occur at an event like this. It's wonderful to share life with those you don't see on a regular basis. The wife of one of Jerry’s old friends complemented my dark denim blouse and called it indigo. That reminded me of the Biblical Lydia who was a seller of purple. She’s first mentioned in Acts 16:14 and is called a worshiper of God. Whether she sold purple dye or purple cloth we don’t know. I shared about Lydia and said that from her business, she supported Paul’s work in spreading the gospel of Jesus. She also showed hospitality in opening her home to the apostle and others with him.

The woman I spoke with is biblically literate, but this was something new to her. She suggested I write a book about Lydia and other women in the Bible. I appreciated her confidence, but I don’t know that I have much to contribute to an already saturated market where these things are concerned. I mentioned Lydia in a book I’ve already written, Faith in the Fashion District. I called her a Biblical fashionista because she made her living selling a product related to what people wore. Often, we discount certain occupations or professions as not being of merit, but Lydia’s simple buying and selling supported the work of someone whose letters are foundational to our Christian walk. 

I’m reminded of the words of Solomon, “Whatever your hand finds to do, do it with all your might . . . “(Ecclesiastes 9:10). the New Living translation reads, "Whatever you do, do well." Lydia did this. And like her, as we wholeheartedly give ourselves, we may be encouraged that God can and will use our work (barring something illegal or immoral) for the kingdom. We may never be aware in this life of the lengths God took our labors or the ways he used it, but we can be assured that in heaven we will be amazed. 

So, here’s to reunions that give us the opportunity to share nuggets in scripture. Here’s to Lydia who gave her best for the Lord. And here’s to what God will do through our hands.

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