When we don't know what else to do

As I wrote earlier, Jerry was diagnosed with pneumonia at the beginning of the year. Then about the time he was recovering, I also developed it and spent over a week feeling as if I were breathing under water. In fact, at one point, fear began to creep in. I wondered if or how I would get better because the medicines weren't working. Blessedly, during that time, I read an essay on revival in which the writer reminded that when we don’t know what else to do, we should worship.

So, that’s what I did. I spent time praying, reading scripture, and worshiping. And because of that, my hope increased. Instead of focusing on my symptoms, I focused on God. Even though, I was still sick, I could continue believing for a good outcome.

A medicine change worked, and my situation turned.

Here’s what I know—fear can take us down. The enemy of our souls doesn’t say, “Oh, she’s having a bad day, I’ll leave her alone.” He says, “Oh, she’s having a bad day, I’ll take her out.”  When I’m sick, I’m most vulnerable to the enemy’s attacks. A sick body can sometimes give way to sick thinking.

But worship helps us keep locked in on the presence and power of God.  A. W. Tozer said, “Without worship, we go about miserable.” This from a man who prayed up to three hours a day often face down on the floor.

During this time I was trying to finish my read-through-the-Bible in a year list. I came to a verse in Psalm 142 that was not underlined. I know I’ve read it many, many times, but didn’t remember these words, however, they seemed written for that very day in my life. The Psalmist, most likely David, wrote, “I cry to you, Lord. I say, ‘You are my refuge, my portion in the land of the living.’” God used those words, “my portion in the land of the living” to counteract the enemy’s lies about my not getting better.

So, when we don’t know what else to do because of sickness, sadness, discouragement, or whatever else, let's worship. Plant ourselves before the throne of God and put our eyes on Him, not on the circumstances.  We will all be amazed at what the Lord will do. 


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