When the world shifts

We are grateful things are finally settling down here after Jerry’s serious health scare, but we are aware that the world has shifted in the time he’s been sick.

It’s shifted on a personal level because his illness seemed to happen so quickly, and we are even more thankful for every day we are given.

But circumstances have moved in a huge way on the international scene with the attack on Israel. Because of Jerry’s illness, we were not as aware of world events as we normally would have been (television can sometimes be annoying to those who are ill), and our screen time has been limited. But what we have been doing is praying for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6).

What I did catch early on was a video from Mozambique missionary Dr. Heidi Baker who “happened” (more like divine appointment) to be in Jerusalem holding a missions’ conference the weekend of the attacks. I’m going to paraphrase here what she said from a balcony in Israel as smoke was seen in the distance behind her. She lifted Habakkuk 2:14, “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the Lord as the waters cover the sea.” She spoke about how as believers, we should be running into the darkness wherever we are. Like first responders, we should carry God’s “love, his mercy, and his compassion” to those who are hurting.

So, in these troubled times, what we can do is that, as best we can with the Lord’s help wherever we find ourselves. And yes, we can pray, pray, pray, and give financially as we are able to aid ministries.

And wherever we are means even in hospital rooms, where we had opportunity to share about the Lord with others.

Friends, continuing to pray with you in these days.