Tuesday, February 6, 2018

The Groundhog and Hope

Whether you call him a groundhog, a whistle pig, a woodchuck, or even a marmot monax, he still let us down this year.

Both Punxsutawney Phil and Georgia’s own General Beauregard Lee have predicted six more weeks of winter.

Groundhog Schmoundhog.

With such a cold start to the year, my shingles, and so many having the flu, we were hoping for an early spring. We needed an early spring.

The General has a certificate from a faculty member at the University of Georgia designating him a Doctor of Weather Prognostication and Georgia State awarded him the Doctor of Southern Groundology, so you would have expected better. But no, no, no. Take away the fancy titles and what you still have is a big fat rodent.

Jerry and I delivered food to my sweet girl who has been afflicted by the flu. When leaving her house, I spotted a yard full of yellow crocus blossoms. I made Jerry stop the car so I could take a picture.

If the groundhog is right, and we’re staring at six more weeks of winter, we need to cling to all the bright hope we can, keeping the promise of spring ever before us.

In our lives, it can sometimes feel as if the bad stuff is about to overwhelm, that it will go on forever, but focusing on God’s promises helps us keep perspective. He is still on the throne. His promises are still true.

In the eternal scheme of things, He will bring ultimate restoration. He will redeem not just a few things, but He will make all things new.

Meanwhile, we take comfort that even through arctic days, God is at work bringing renewal from the cold, hard earth and also from the hard places in our lives. Winter won’t last forever. The world is already starting to bloom, again.

And I might add, no thanks to the groundhog.

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