Sunday, March 22, 2020

A message of encouragement

Because of the unfolding corona virus event, we are reaching out to our One Ringing Bell readers with additional messages of encouragement.

In this video initiated for our church family, my husband, Rev. Jerry Varnado and worship leader Caleb Moore lead in worship. Please click HERE. Social distancing was observed. Please forgive the video quality, we are working with what we have at this point.

If you missed other messages from Jerry, they are HERE.

Dear, dear friends, you are ever a blessing to me. I pray God's protection and covering during this time. May He be the lifter of your head and the healer of your body.

I have a chipped mug I am using almost every day.

Dwell in hope. Psalm 16:9

On the inside it looks like this.

Psalm 16:9
Dwell in hope, friends. Much love coming your way.

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