Something Amazing

As many of you may already know, something amazing is stirring in central Kentucky. Students at Asbury University gathered for a weekly chapel service last Wednesday and as of this writing that chapel service is still going on.

We had two friends who just happened to be there this past week, one already scheduled to speak before what is being called a revival started. If there was any doubt in my mind as to the validity of what is happening, she wrote that as soon as you enter the room, a holy fear comes over you. I knew right then this was of the Lord.

In the past, when Jerry and I have  visited places where God was moving both in this country and in Canada, I also experienced that holy fear. It’s a difficult thing to convey to someone who hasn’t known it. In trying to explain this to a man many years ago after we returned from visiting a place of revival, the person said, “So you went there and got scared.” He then laughed.

Yes, I did. Because I knew I was in the presence of the living God. Not that I’m not other times, but there is a heightened awareness. And that awareness brings to light all that is undone in us. In Luke 2:9, an angel appears to the shepherds to announce the birth of Jesus, “And lo, the angel of the Lord came upon them, and the glory of the Lord shone round about them, and they were sore afraid.” A note in a commentary I once read about this verse always makes me laugh when I think of it, “Fear was a common reaction to angelic appearances.” No kidding. And that glory of the Lord shining around them probably helped them along in being “sore afraid.”

Because you see, we are talking about the Living God—not some two-dimensional historical figure. God is alive and active and at work in our midst. God’s glory shines into our darkened hearts and highlights what needs to go. Revival always leads to conviction, confession, and repentance. The Psalmist wrote in Psalm 85:6, “Will you not revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?” Because you see the conviction, confession, and repentance leads to joy when our hearts are cleansed of all that would keep us from being clear vessels for Him.

Revival also greatly involves prayer. Henry Blackaby wrote, “All revival begins, and continues, in the prayer meeting. Some have also called prayer the ‘great fruit of revival.’ In times of revival, thousands may be found on their knees for hours, lifting up their heartfelt cries, with thanksgiving, to heaven.” I think we are seeing this at Asbury. If you go to your social media and search for Asbury Revival, you will see pictures of just that—people on their knees praying.

I’ve read busloads of folks from other places are coming in to experience what God is doing. May the Lord Jesus continue to be lifted high. No one knows how long this revival at Asbury will continue, but I’m praying as so many others are that this move of God will spread. My heart longs for this.

Oh, Lord, revive us again. 


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